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BirdSlide®,  is available by the linear foot in 4 ft. length sections, subjected to customer order, up to 25 ft. beams.

Custom Parts

For large commercial bird control work BirdSlide® can be pre-ordered in custom sizes, custom colors, custom cuts and prefabricated for fast and easy installation. To order additional product or custom parts please contact your representative for further details.


Before you begin installation you will need to measure out the area that will need

BirdSlide®. BirdSlide® is manufactured in 4 foot length beams that can be custom

cut to fit the affected area. Measure out the surface area to be covered. Measure both

width and the depth of the surface area to be treated. Measure and mark the

BirdSlide® beam and cut the size needed. Simple cutting tools like tin-snips, hand

saws or a razor knife can be used to trim away excess area. A good job of measuring

and trimming BirdSlide® will insure a clean finished fit. And after color matching

BirdSlide® with a primer and exterior coat paint it will be virtually undetectable.

BirdSlide® can be custom cut to fit most areas. The depth of the affected surface will

determine how much of the “slide trim area” will need to be trimmed away. If the depth

is greater than 5-7/8", BirdSlide® can be stacked and bonded together to create a

longer slide that will cover the larger area (see diagram A). Also, BirdSlide®

Extensions will provide coverage for depths larger than 6 inches. Call Bird Barrier® the official distributor of BirdSlide® at

800-NO-BIRDS for more information. Now that you have custom cut the BirdSlide®

beams for the measured area it is time to prepare the beam for installation.


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