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What is BirdSlide®?

-Ideal for multi-story buildings, parking structures, warehouses, aviation hangars, and homes.

-100% effective against all roosting and nesting birds

-Easy to install and long lasting protection

-Easily color-matched to structure

-Harmlesss to birds and environmentally safe


A New Bird Control Barrier for Commercial and Residential Buildings

BirdSlide® is the ultimate solution for all roosting and nesting bird problems. BirdSlide® can effectively deter Pigeons, Swallows, Sparrows, Crows, Seagulls, and virtually all other birds no matter of it's size from landing, roosting or nesting on it's surface after it has been installed.




About BirdSlide®: The Anti-Roosting Solution®

BirdSlide® is a new innovative approach to controlling and eliminating the damage caused by roosting or nesting birds. BirdSlide's® simple but extremely effective design solves the problem of persistent birds that want to nest on commercial or residential structure. BirdSlide® creates both a visual and physical barrier that prevents all birds from attempting to land roost or nest. Many wild birds have become accustomed to human habitats and the eaves on a home, the ledges on a building, the angle irons in a warehouse and many other areas provide perfect locations for nesting. BirdSlide® can be easily installed in these many different locations and will begin working immediately. The design physics of BirdSlide® make it impossible for any bird to gain access to a desired area. BirdSlide® modifies the structure to eliminate the potential roosting or nesting site. Birds can see that the BirdSlide® barrier has eliminated access and they will not attempt to land. The Birds Simply Slide Off!

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